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        Waxing is a common way of antiseptic wood, but the correct method should be mastered for waxing, otherwise it is easy to get half the result with twice the effort. The paint shall not be mixed and brushed for more than two times. The hydrophobic effect can be effective after the surface is dry; It takes about half a month to increase the hardness during brushing and 3-4 days to increase the hardness during brushing. If there is any old paint on the surface of anti-corrosion wood, it must be removed. If it is used outdoors, the weather resistant wood oil can be used first.
        It should also be noted that when waxing the antiseptic wood products under the medium air humidity of 20 ℃, it will be surface dry for about 4 hours, re coated after 12 hours, and dry after 15 hours; The wood with heavy oil will be dried longer when the temperature is low and wet.
        Measures to prevent cracking and deformation shall be taken in advance. The manufacturer of antiseptic wood suggests that antiseptic be applied on the surface of wood, which can prevent the invasion of diseases and insect pests in the harsh environment, and then prolong the service life of wood. The use of antiseptic with good effect of preventing water penetration will certainly have good effects.
        The wood of the antiseptic wood will be deformed and cracked due to the place where it is placed, the sunshine and the rain. Although we have no way to change the environment, we can control and prevent it during the construction. The appearance of the anti-corrosion wood is reliable and has good performance. When applying wax, we should try to reduce the polishing and profile of the appearance, so as to effectively reduce the deformation and cracking.
        The above is the detailed introduction of Shandong antiseptic wood. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with services with a professional attitude http://www.ipvcserver5.com

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