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        Antiseptic wood is a kind of high-quality wood that can resist termites and bacteria. It is widely used in garden buildings, such as pavilions. Is there any way to simply judge the quality of the antiseptic wood pavilions? The following is a brief analysis from five aspects.
        1. Look at the material
        Most of the good antiseptic wood is cedar. The advantage of cedar is that it has a log flavor and a special flavor, and it can eliminate fatigue, relieve pressure, have a good health effect on the human body, and the wood grain is clear.
        2. Look at the top
        The top of a good anticorrosive wood Pavilion is designed with three layers. The inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is a layer of carbonized wood tiles. Generally, glazed tiles are used. The tile groove has a drainage function. The three-layer design is not easy to leak, and can be safely placed outdoors.
        3. Look at the manufacturing process
        At present, the manufacturing processes of Shandong antiseptic wood sold in the market are different. Generally, 39 processes such as drug soaking, high-temperature cooking, baking, anti-corrosion and carbonization are required. Because the processing technology is relatively responsible, even if the manufacturer reduces any of these processes, it is difficult for us to identify them with the naked eye, and only through the slow time inspection.
        4. Look at the appearance
        Good antiseptic wood pavilions have excellent workmanship and exquisite carving. Pure manual carving is not computer carving. Check whether there is any gap at the connection and inlay, where the hand can touch, and whether there is any stabbing place.
        5. Look at the style and size
        The antiseptic wood Pavilion is generally divided into four corners, six corners, eight corners, two layers, three layers, and special shapes. When buying, you should pay attention to the style in advance, measure the required size, and select the appropriate style.
        The above is the detailed introduction of Shandong antiseptic wood. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with services with a professional attitude http://www.ipvcserver5.com

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